Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Things have been crazy.  I'm gonna start with happy news.  On March 28th my parents got 2 new puppies.  They are toy fox terriers and they're cuties!  They're such a pain in the butt, we haven't had a puppy in the house for SO long so this is CRAY!  We struggled coming up with names for them and they changed all of the time so now we call them Lucy & Trixie.  Lucy's name fits her great but Trixie ... eh.  I call her Snooki or Pixie or Queenie ... she's such a little diva.  She loves the spotlight and wants ALL the attention.  She was born Jan 8 so she's almost 3 months old!  Lucy was born Feb 1 so she's 2 months old.  They're both little brats and typical puppies, but they're cuties!

Now onto bad news.  I got fired on March 20th.  UGH.  I was going to quit anyway but at least it would've been on my terms and not sound so bad.  Fired just sounds .... bad.  So let me tell you what happened.  First of all - Eleyna's parents are both engineers.  Her dad and I always got along pretty well (Tony) and her mom ... well we rarely got along that well.  We butt heads a lot and she is kinda psycho and was always competing with me.  If I would say Eleyna said "cow" then she'd be like "oh yeah she said that all weekend, I taught her that"  I'm like sure you did freak but it was always like that.  She just never seemed to like me and we never got along super (her name is Kelli also) so on March 19th, my allergies were acting up REALLY bad and so I took a NON drowsy allergy pill and some headache medicine because I really had a bad headache.  Well that was around 2.  I put Eleyna down for a nap at 2:30 and then I fell asleep.  Next thing I know ... Kelli is yelling at me.  "ARE YOU ASLEEP?  WHERE'S ELEYNA?" she was freaking out and couldn't catch her breath.  I felt 100% out of it and groggy.  Well Eleyna was in her crib ... yes she was awake but for all they knew she JUST woke up.  She usually takes about 2-3 hour naps and so they got home at 5:30 - that would be 3 hours.  She was NOT crying, she was playing.  Okay well I leave and they're super pissed at me.  Then I go in on the 20th and they've installed these HUGE cameras.  Like bigger than at the bank.  They treat me like total shit and they leave.  I spend most of my day crying because I feel like a criminal and I know what I did wasn't a good thing but I loved Eleyna and I would've never done anything to harm her.  So they come home and I was getting ready to give my notice.  I wasn't going to work in that environment and be treated like shit and have cameras watching my every move.  Before I could give my notice, they fired me.  Kelli said I endangered Eleyna's life.  Not really sure I agree with that, but whatever.  First time parents ... I know if the roles were reversed I would've been pissed but I wouldn't have reacted the way they did.  They acted like I left her in the front yard to crawl around after cars.  I mean ... it could have been SO much worse.  She was safe in her crib and not even crying!  Whatever.  So at first I was sad ... I mean, I do still miss Eleyna ... but I think it's for the better.  I had no health insurance and I owe over three thousand dollars in taxes .... great.  It sucks.  So I've been applying on Monster.Com and have had a couple interviews.  So hopefully something will work out.  I'm straying away from being a nanny again.  The only way I could afford it is if I were paid under the table because the taxes are going to kill me!!  I definitely don't miss the hours I used to work (5:30am-5:30pm) but I will always miss little Eleyna but I'll get over it I'm sure.  I've lost other kids I loved in life so she too will just have a piece of my heart but I know I'll never see her again unless it's a complete accident or something.  Her are a couple pictures I took of her in my last few days there.

Well, I need to go chase puppies right now because they're getting into EVERYTHING!  But I'll be back ....

Monday, December 26, 2011

Las Vegas - November 2011

Traci & I left for Vegas on Friday night, November 18th and we came back on Tuesday, November 22.  We had a great time, we stayed at The Luxor and had so many memories!  We think the cleaning lady - Martha - stole Traci's hair clip! LOL  We got lost and ended up by some outlet malls, we had late night/early morning giggling attacks, we got lost a couple times on the strip (yes, we're cool) and we turned $5 in to $10 twice!  Both of us did that - yes, that was our winnings - we're awesome like that!  We had a great time!!  Here are a couple pictures from our adventures in Sin City! <3

Traci found a smurf!

Drinking beer watching all the crazies!

Good Morning, time for beer?

I have a lot more but I will add them in later.

100 Monkeys

So, Traci & I saw 100 Monkeys play 3 nights!  The first night was a Friday downtown and it was informal and it was more of a meet & greet and that's where we met all 5 guys.  The band consists of five guys: Jackson Rathbone, Jerad Anderson, Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson & Lawrence Abrahms (aka Uncle Larry) Jerad is adorable, he's the only married man in the group and she's lucky because he's a cutie!  The Ben's are both really nice and laid back.  Larry is probably the sweetest guy in band, he's sooo nice!  Then there's Jackson - the douche.  Seriously, he needs to come out of the clouds, he's really NOT that great.  There are plenty of people more famous than him and I'm sure they're more humble.  He's just a jerk and thinks everyone should bow down.  Booo!  Anyway, then Saturday we saw them play downtown and we got a bad seat but still had a great time!  Sunday we drove to the Springs to see them play and we got front row and it was amazing!  We had a blast!  Here are a couple of pictures from our weekend with 100 Monkeys!

Traci & I with Uncle Larry

With Ben J, Ben G & Jackson

with Jerad <3

Happy Holidays!

Well, it's been awhile.  I keep saying I will start blogging more and then I disappear for far too long!  I hope everyone had a nice holiday and I wish everyone a very happy 2012!  I'm excited to see what the New Year will bring.  I'm going to do my best to make it a GOOD year - so let's hope that will happen!  I was planning on making 2011 an amazing year and while it was good, I didn't do half the things I planned.  I seem to get lost in time, time goes so fast and it's easy to just flow through life and not really do anything but exist.

I'm still working as a nanny to Eleyna - she's one year old now!  Hard to believe. 

Aside from work, I went to see 100 Monkeys in August with Traci.  It was a nice time, we love the band and we met all of the guys.  The disappointing part was meeting Jackson Rathbone - he was a bit of a MEAN boy!  He was a princess and you could tell the fame has gone to his head, he thinks he's a little too cool than he is.  So, the love is gone there, but I loved the other guys, they're all so very nice!

In November, Traci & I went to Las Vegas!  We had a blast!  I  love that place a little too much,  I could go monthly and still love it!  That was my 4th time there, Traci's too!  It's so funny how it changes there each time you go, they're always building stuff, ripping stuff down ... fun city for sure!

Christmas was really nice this year.  Christmas eve we went to my Uncle Greg & Aunt Paulette's like we do every year.  It was fun, it is nice to be able to spend time with all of my cousins and family!  The kids were funny this year, especially my 3 year old little cousin Rylan - he is such a hilarious little guy!  The things that come out of his mouth ... well you can't help but to laugh at him!  (example: he was walking around and tripped over his sister - who didn't do it on purpose, she wasn't even paying attention - so he falls down, turns around slaps her in the head and says "damn brat" LOL)  Christmas Day we had my Uncle Todd, Aunt Sherry & cousin Mark over.  It was enjoyable for sure!  Ma made homemade raviolis and they turned out delicious!  We had a nice time talking, eating and lauhing!  Too bad Nick wasn't here though, he's over in Japan (he's in the Navy)

I really plan to make more entries, I will give it a shot anyway to be more of a blogger!  xoxo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jackson Rathbone

Jackson Rathbone was born in Singapore and has lived in places ranging from Indonesia to Midland, Texas. He started out in local theatre, The Pickwick Players. In high school, he went to Interlochen Arts Academy, a private school for the arts in Michigan. After graduation, he had planned to go to the Royal Scottish Academy but went to LA to experiment with the big screen. He immediately signed onto Disney's 411. He had a leading role in the ABC Family show Beautiful People, which premiered in fall 2005 and the second half of the first season began in spring 2006.

When not busy pursuing a TV/film career, he also enjoys music, writing, singing and producing.

My favorite things about him are the crazy hats he wears and the fact that he can sing - WELL!  He is in 100 Monkeys - the band I cannot wait to go see in August!  I am so excited!  Yes, he may be from the movie "Twilight" and I know there are haters out there, but honestly, he's beautiful and talented!

Just thought I'd share a little somethin' about an up & coming hottie! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peace & Quiet

Right now I'm sitting here listening to nothing ... well peace & quiet.  I enjoy that sometimes but other times it's kinda eerie.  Well as you can tell by the fact that I'm posting - the world didn't end!  As if they could have put a time on it.  What a weirdo that guy was.  I mean, he did some math and called himself good but you can't put a time on things like that!  Only God knows when that will really happen.

Our end of the world party never happened because sadly, Traci's Grandpa passed away.  Death is so awful.  I felt bad for their family, it's always hard to see people you love and care about upset and sad.  But, time heals all. 

What else?  I really don't have much of anything exciting to talk about.  Eleyna is still a joy, though today she was a bit on the cranky side!  Everyone has their days, sadly today was one of mine too!  So two cranky grouch monsters hanging out together for 12+ hours was not too fun.  But what can you do? 

This past weekend was eventful.  Traci & I got together Friday night and Andy made us these great margaritas.  I'm not much of a margarita girl, but they were delicious!  They had a little taste of orange to them and for some reason lately I've been addicted to orange flavoring.  We played a couple of silly games and then called it a night.  It was nice.  I wasn't feeling well Saturday, I was supposed to go to a comedy club with them that night but instead hung out and napped and just rested.  I saw the little neighbor boys for a while and they're just so cute!  They make me laugh.  Then Sunday my mom had friends over - Adam & Tara and their kids (Connor & Emily) and Chris & Melanie and their kids (Abby & Brooklynn) it was nice.  I didn't stay very long because it's tradition that Traci and I watch the MTV movie awards together.  Lame, I know.  There are times we seem like 14 year olds again!  But the weekend was nice overall.  Now it's only Tuesday.  Sigh.  Well I guess it's practically Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to ... August.  I'm just excited to go see 100 Monkeys!  LOL  In closer future, I'm looking forward to a couple weeks from now my parents have the week off, so I'm going to bring Eleyna over to meet them!  They will fall in love with her, she's such a cutie!  Then I think I"m going to take Eleyna to get her pictures professionally taken.  She's never had them done before, her parents say they like my pictures and while that's a huge compliment, every kid needs a professional picture or two in their life prior to school pictures!  They're so fun to look back on!

Well, anyway, I guess I should go to sleep!  4:20am comes too early in the morning! 

Talk to you soon ....

Friday, May 20, 2011

3 months? Really?

I can't believe it's been three months since my last entry!  Time sure flies.  What has happened since February?  Gosh, sadly not too much.  My poor little nephew Noah was in the hospital with asthma - glad to report that he's better and at home.  I went to visit him and got to see Nellie!  Nathan was at home, I miss that little guy!  I love those kids and I don't get to see them nearly as often as I'd like. 

I have been loving my job.  Eleyna is getting so fun!  She's 5 months old now and so silly!  She makes the funniest faces and noises and she just started rolling over.  We play a lot, read, sing and now that the weather is getting nicer we enjoy time at the park on the swings!  She's the sunshine of my days Monday - Friday.  Here are a couple recent pictures of her:

How cute is she?  I just love her.

Other than work ... my cousin Amanda had her 3rd baby - a boy named Darrian.  He's pretty cute!  I can't believe she has 3 kids and she's only 22!  I can't even imagine!  I know my dad would be happy if I would've had 3 kids by the time I was 22 but wow - that's a lot of work!  She's a great mom though, so I'm happy for her! 

There's a lot of talk about the world ending this year ... and while I don't buy it - it better not!  I have a couple things coming up that I'm looking forward to far too much for the world to end yet!  In August, one of my favorite bands is coming to Denver!  100 Monkeys - they are awesome!  My friend Traci and I are psyched!  They will be playing in Denver one night and then in Colorado Springs the next night - so of course we're going to both!  They don't come here very often, so we can't pass up the opportunity!  Then in November we are going to Vegas!  I'm madly in love with Vegas.  The first time I went was for my dad's 50th birthday in 2004.  Then in 2006 Traci and I went ... we went again in 2009 and now we are going again this year!  It's so exciting!  I can't wait, there is something about the atmosphere on the strip that I just ... there's nothing quite like it and I absolutely LOVE being there!

Aside from there, there's nothing much to report.  Tomorrow (supposed judgment day) Traci & Andy are having an end of the world party so I'm looking forward to that.  It should be a lot of fun!  Last Saturday night we had game night with Todd and we had a great time! 

I will come back much sooner than 3 months from now ... until then ...