Monday, December 26, 2011

100 Monkeys

So, Traci & I saw 100 Monkeys play 3 nights!  The first night was a Friday downtown and it was informal and it was more of a meet & greet and that's where we met all 5 guys.  The band consists of five guys: Jackson Rathbone, Jerad Anderson, Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson & Lawrence Abrahms (aka Uncle Larry) Jerad is adorable, he's the only married man in the group and she's lucky because he's a cutie!  The Ben's are both really nice and laid back.  Larry is probably the sweetest guy in band, he's sooo nice!  Then there's Jackson - the douche.  Seriously, he needs to come out of the clouds, he's really NOT that great.  There are plenty of people more famous than him and I'm sure they're more humble.  He's just a jerk and thinks everyone should bow down.  Booo!  Anyway, then Saturday we saw them play downtown and we got a bad seat but still had a great time!  Sunday we drove to the Springs to see them play and we got front row and it was amazing!  We had a blast!  Here are a couple of pictures from our weekend with 100 Monkeys!

Traci & I with Uncle Larry

With Ben J, Ben G & Jackson

with Jerad <3

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