Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peace & Quiet

Right now I'm sitting here listening to nothing ... well peace & quiet.  I enjoy that sometimes but other times it's kinda eerie.  Well as you can tell by the fact that I'm posting - the world didn't end!  As if they could have put a time on it.  What a weirdo that guy was.  I mean, he did some math and called himself good but you can't put a time on things like that!  Only God knows when that will really happen.

Our end of the world party never happened because sadly, Traci's Grandpa passed away.  Death is so awful.  I felt bad for their family, it's always hard to see people you love and care about upset and sad.  But, time heals all. 

What else?  I really don't have much of anything exciting to talk about.  Eleyna is still a joy, though today she was a bit on the cranky side!  Everyone has their days, sadly today was one of mine too!  So two cranky grouch monsters hanging out together for 12+ hours was not too fun.  But what can you do? 

This past weekend was eventful.  Traci & I got together Friday night and Andy made us these great margaritas.  I'm not much of a margarita girl, but they were delicious!  They had a little taste of orange to them and for some reason lately I've been addicted to orange flavoring.  We played a couple of silly games and then called it a night.  It was nice.  I wasn't feeling well Saturday, I was supposed to go to a comedy club with them that night but instead hung out and napped and just rested.  I saw the little neighbor boys for a while and they're just so cute!  They make me laugh.  Then Sunday my mom had friends over - Adam & Tara and their kids (Connor & Emily) and Chris & Melanie and their kids (Abby & Brooklynn) it was nice.  I didn't stay very long because it's tradition that Traci and I watch the MTV movie awards together.  Lame, I know.  There are times we seem like 14 year olds again!  But the weekend was nice overall.  Now it's only Tuesday.  Sigh.  Well I guess it's practically Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to ... August.  I'm just excited to go see 100 Monkeys!  LOL  In closer future, I'm looking forward to a couple weeks from now my parents have the week off, so I'm going to bring Eleyna over to meet them!  They will fall in love with her, she's such a cutie!  Then I think I"m going to take Eleyna to get her pictures professionally taken.  She's never had them done before, her parents say they like my pictures and while that's a huge compliment, every kid needs a professional picture or two in their life prior to school pictures!  They're so fun to look back on!

Well, anyway, I guess I should go to sleep!  4:20am comes too early in the morning! 

Talk to you soon ....

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