Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Things have been crazy.  I'm gonna start with happy news.  On March 28th my parents got 2 new puppies.  They are toy fox terriers and they're cuties!  They're such a pain in the butt, we haven't had a puppy in the house for SO long so this is CRAY!  We struggled coming up with names for them and they changed all of the time so now we call them Lucy & Trixie.  Lucy's name fits her great but Trixie ... eh.  I call her Snooki or Pixie or Queenie ... she's such a little diva.  She loves the spotlight and wants ALL the attention.  She was born Jan 8 so she's almost 3 months old!  Lucy was born Feb 1 so she's 2 months old.  They're both little brats and typical puppies, but they're cuties!

Now onto bad news.  I got fired on March 20th.  UGH.  I was going to quit anyway but at least it would've been on my terms and not sound so bad.  Fired just sounds .... bad.  So let me tell you what happened.  First of all - Eleyna's parents are both engineers.  Her dad and I always got along pretty well (Tony) and her mom ... well we rarely got along that well.  We butt heads a lot and she is kinda psycho and was always competing with me.  If I would say Eleyna said "cow" then she'd be like "oh yeah she said that all weekend, I taught her that"  I'm like sure you did freak but it was always like that.  She just never seemed to like me and we never got along super (her name is Kelli also) so on March 19th, my allergies were acting up REALLY bad and so I took a NON drowsy allergy pill and some headache medicine because I really had a bad headache.  Well that was around 2.  I put Eleyna down for a nap at 2:30 and then I fell asleep.  Next thing I know ... Kelli is yelling at me.  "ARE YOU ASLEEP?  WHERE'S ELEYNA?" she was freaking out and couldn't catch her breath.  I felt 100% out of it and groggy.  Well Eleyna was in her crib ... yes she was awake but for all they knew she JUST woke up.  She usually takes about 2-3 hour naps and so they got home at 5:30 - that would be 3 hours.  She was NOT crying, she was playing.  Okay well I leave and they're super pissed at me.  Then I go in on the 20th and they've installed these HUGE cameras.  Like bigger than at the bank.  They treat me like total shit and they leave.  I spend most of my day crying because I feel like a criminal and I know what I did wasn't a good thing but I loved Eleyna and I would've never done anything to harm her.  So they come home and I was getting ready to give my notice.  I wasn't going to work in that environment and be treated like shit and have cameras watching my every move.  Before I could give my notice, they fired me.  Kelli said I endangered Eleyna's life.  Not really sure I agree with that, but whatever.  First time parents ... I know if the roles were reversed I would've been pissed but I wouldn't have reacted the way they did.  They acted like I left her in the front yard to crawl around after cars.  I mean ... it could have been SO much worse.  She was safe in her crib and not even crying!  Whatever.  So at first I was sad ... I mean, I do still miss Eleyna ... but I think it's for the better.  I had no health insurance and I owe over three thousand dollars in taxes .... great.  It sucks.  So I've been applying on Monster.Com and have had a couple interviews.  So hopefully something will work out.  I'm straying away from being a nanny again.  The only way I could afford it is if I were paid under the table because the taxes are going to kill me!!  I definitely don't miss the hours I used to work (5:30am-5:30pm) but I will always miss little Eleyna but I'll get over it I'm sure.  I've lost other kids I loved in life so she too will just have a piece of my heart but I know I'll never see her again unless it's a complete accident or something.  Her are a couple pictures I took of her in my last few days there.

Well, I need to go chase puppies right now because they're getting into EVERYTHING!  But I'll be back ....