Monday, December 26, 2011

Las Vegas - November 2011

Traci & I left for Vegas on Friday night, November 18th and we came back on Tuesday, November 22.  We had a great time, we stayed at The Luxor and had so many memories!  We think the cleaning lady - Martha - stole Traci's hair clip! LOL  We got lost and ended up by some outlet malls, we had late night/early morning giggling attacks, we got lost a couple times on the strip (yes, we're cool) and we turned $5 in to $10 twice!  Both of us did that - yes, that was our winnings - we're awesome like that!  We had a great time!!  Here are a couple pictures from our adventures in Sin City! <3

Traci found a smurf!

Drinking beer watching all the crazies!

Good Morning, time for beer?

I have a lot more but I will add them in later.

100 Monkeys

So, Traci & I saw 100 Monkeys play 3 nights!  The first night was a Friday downtown and it was informal and it was more of a meet & greet and that's where we met all 5 guys.  The band consists of five guys: Jackson Rathbone, Jerad Anderson, Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson & Lawrence Abrahms (aka Uncle Larry) Jerad is adorable, he's the only married man in the group and she's lucky because he's a cutie!  The Ben's are both really nice and laid back.  Larry is probably the sweetest guy in band, he's sooo nice!  Then there's Jackson - the douche.  Seriously, he needs to come out of the clouds, he's really NOT that great.  There are plenty of people more famous than him and I'm sure they're more humble.  He's just a jerk and thinks everyone should bow down.  Booo!  Anyway, then Saturday we saw them play downtown and we got a bad seat but still had a great time!  Sunday we drove to the Springs to see them play and we got front row and it was amazing!  We had a blast!  Here are a couple of pictures from our weekend with 100 Monkeys!

Traci & I with Uncle Larry

With Ben J, Ben G & Jackson

with Jerad <3

Happy Holidays!

Well, it's been awhile.  I keep saying I will start blogging more and then I disappear for far too long!  I hope everyone had a nice holiday and I wish everyone a very happy 2012!  I'm excited to see what the New Year will bring.  I'm going to do my best to make it a GOOD year - so let's hope that will happen!  I was planning on making 2011 an amazing year and while it was good, I didn't do half the things I planned.  I seem to get lost in time, time goes so fast and it's easy to just flow through life and not really do anything but exist.

I'm still working as a nanny to Eleyna - she's one year old now!  Hard to believe. 

Aside from work, I went to see 100 Monkeys in August with Traci.  It was a nice time, we love the band and we met all of the guys.  The disappointing part was meeting Jackson Rathbone - he was a bit of a MEAN boy!  He was a princess and you could tell the fame has gone to his head, he thinks he's a little too cool than he is.  So, the love is gone there, but I loved the other guys, they're all so very nice!

In November, Traci & I went to Las Vegas!  We had a blast!  I  love that place a little too much,  I could go monthly and still love it!  That was my 4th time there, Traci's too!  It's so funny how it changes there each time you go, they're always building stuff, ripping stuff down ... fun city for sure!

Christmas was really nice this year.  Christmas eve we went to my Uncle Greg & Aunt Paulette's like we do every year.  It was fun, it is nice to be able to spend time with all of my cousins and family!  The kids were funny this year, especially my 3 year old little cousin Rylan - he is such a hilarious little guy!  The things that come out of his mouth ... well you can't help but to laugh at him!  (example: he was walking around and tripped over his sister - who didn't do it on purpose, she wasn't even paying attention - so he falls down, turns around slaps her in the head and says "damn brat" LOL)  Christmas Day we had my Uncle Todd, Aunt Sherry & cousin Mark over.  It was enjoyable for sure!  Ma made homemade raviolis and they turned out delicious!  We had a nice time talking, eating and lauhing!  Too bad Nick wasn't here though, he's over in Japan (he's in the Navy)

I really plan to make more entries, I will give it a shot anyway to be more of a blogger!  xoxo